Why package tours are the most wanted choice of travel

The travel and tourism sector has been facing intense competition lately, due to burgeoning start-ups and growing consumer demands. Travel companies are compelled to design a variety of holiday tour packages to lure customers for their travel bookings.

There are myriad flights and hotel packages available in the market that meet the varying needs and desires of most customers. Let’s understand what these package tours are.

A holiday plan that packages a number of services into a single trip is surely a hassle-free alternative for globetrotters. Usually, travel portals combine flight + hotel packages with meals, but they may also include airport transfer, local transfer, tour manger, etc. to add more value to their customers.

Flight hotel deals have their own set of pros and cons for both, the travel agent and the customers. Here’s a look at the positives of considering a package tour, which often outweigh the negatives.

Benefits to customers:

Customers are finicky when it comes to the cost, time and quality of service.  And holiday packages cater to all these requirements.

  • Cost: Mostly tour packages score over individual bookings due to cheap flights and hotels. Organized packages are cheaper because travel companies purchase them in bulk and can, therefore, sell them at competitive rates. The discounts availed by travel agencies are usually passed on to their customers.
  • Budgeting: Travel packages help customers prepare an accurate budget for their trip because most expenses are taken care of in advance. Thus, the likelihood of major surprise expenditures is very less.
  • No liability: Since tour operators make all the arrangements during a package trip, they are responsible for rectifying any travel hiccups. As a customer, you can just relax and make the most of your vacation without worrying about a delayed flight, an accommodation issue, etc.
  • Service quality: Tour operators thoroughly assess different hotels, airlines and sight-seeing operators before designing packages. They make sure that quality services are offered to their customers which in turn help them build their brand image.

Benefits to travel companies:

Who doesn’t welcome a financial incentive? Travel agencies generally receive 10% commission on any tour package they sell.  However, that’s not the only advantage.

  • Saves time and cost: If a travel agency were to put together a package tour, they would have to spend ample time checking the rates, availability, and quality of different service providers. But, travel agencies realize that tour operators do their ground check before designing packages. To reduce the burden, travel companies can just connect to a reliable tour provider and streamline holiday packages as per varying customer demands.
  • Package variety: Travel companies can make suggestions to tour operators to design holiday packages as per their consumer demands. A wider variety of package tours allows a larger number of people with lower budgets to enjoy tours.

Thus, holiday tour packages are a win-win strategy for both sides. It’s not just a budget-friendly alternative for consumers but also a cost-effective substitute for online travel companies. Let’s make the most of it.

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