Why You Need an ACT Tutor and an SAT Tutor

When preparing your child for college, asides from making sure that their grades are good, you will have to face SAT, that big standard test. But what about the other test known as ACT? Why do some students go for that test? And is it necessary for your child to take both tests? In addition, do you require an ACT and SAT tutor either in person or online? Have a scoop at an overview of both tests so your student can make a prudent decision.

SAT is relied upon by many Universities in order to determine the potential success of a student in the University. Also, they review the entire application-including transcripts as well as extra-curricular activities on a document called a “brag sheet”, and teacher recommendations.

SAT is administered by the College Board. It has the following sections: Writing which involves essay, a math section and Critical reading. Generally, the test is given seven times per year normally on Saturday mornings for 3 hours and 45 minutes. After 10-20 days after the test, you’ll be able to view scores online.

On the flipside, the ACT is administered by the ACT Corporation-and it contains four sections: English, Reading, Science and Math Section. Universities and College use this course a similar purpose as the SAT. Typically, the ACT is offered six times a year on Saturday mornings for 3 hours and 55 minutes. With the optional writing section included; the total timelines amounts to 4 hours and 25 minutes. While scores are made available within 10-30 days after the test date, writing scores get flashed approximately two weeks later.

ACT tests achievements while SAT tests aptitude. Basically, every college and University allows both standardized tests. Therefore, it is important for your child to attempt both tests in order to better determine which one he or she finds comfortable taking and will excel at.

Out of the total score of 2400, students can receive up to 800 points-and up to 36 points for each of the four ACT sections. Thus, the highest possible score for the average four total scores of being 36.For every incorrect answer; the SAT penalizes ¼ of a point which ultimately reduces the student’s score. The ACT however, does not penalize students at all.

The SAT and ACT test Arithmetic, Algebra I &II, Geometry, Vocabulary, Punctuation, Writing Ability and reading and Punctuation, but the ACT does not directly test Vocabulary. While the SAT test is mandatory, the ACT essay is optional. In fact, many students find that the ACT is closely similar to the type of tests they used to taking in school, but completing the science section can be challenging.Regardless though, the best way to achieve a high SAT or ACT score is through regular, consistent practice and review each time. Both in-home and online tutors can help your child practice and review each question they got wrong; the skipped questions; the random guesses, and those questions that they took too long to answer. Plus, students should set aside some time to understand the vocabulary commonly used in both tests. Tutors should come in handy to help your students till their scores improve.


Ideally, a private ACT or SAT tutor is more effective than a prep class because the class does not offer individual assistance, and the prep class may be conducted by an unqualified teacher who finds it challenging to teach students of different academic capacities. It’s difficult to find qualified, highly experienced SAT or ACT tutors. Plus, private tutors can help produce better results. Working with online tutors is also a viable option.

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