Will freelance services give me the same value as a full-time hire?

As employers see more and more people hiring freelancers online, it is natural for industry veterans to wonder whether this is an efficient way to get work done. When the term freelancer first started out, many people, especially in India, associated with it a sentiment of laid back youngsters who didn’t wish to work. However, people who freelance don’t do so to relax; freelancing can be much more stressful than a full-time job. Since they are dependent solely on themselves, it puts them under a lot of pressure to keep working to earn enough to survive.

People choose to freelance because they like to work on varied types of projects rather than with similar clients over and over. The field could be anything from translation or video editing; providing freelance services means that one gets exposed to a larger variety of work and people. Moreover, a freelancer sitting in India could be working for someone in Peru; there is no restriction based on locations. This also helps to build a wider portfolio and gain valuable experience. For these reasons primarily, people choose to work on a freelance basis rather than full-time.

Now, from an employer’s perspective, are they as efficient as full-time employees? No, they are not. This is because they are overall more efficient. Since you only need to hire freelancers on a need basis, they are much more cost effective for any company. Also, freelancers survive on reviews and good ratings. This is why their work will rarely be late and you’ll always get the quality of work you pay for.

Work finished faster, cheaper, and just as you wanted? Sounds perfect, doesn’t it? Now you see why companies are starting to prefer hiring freelancers for as many services as possible. There is also the benefit of varied skill for an employer. When you need something simple, you can hire someone with lower skill levels. And only when you need someone with higher skill levels do you need to pay a premium fee for a job.

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