Windows 10 finally gets Fingerprint Scanning

All the windows 10 user can take a breath of relief as Microsoft is planning to add a fingerprint scanning support to its operating system, allowing its users to login quickly on to their phones.

Windows 10 Mobile had the ability to support biometric authentication like retina detection which is available in Lumia 950 and 950XL. Though the fingerprint scanner was duly missed.

Microsoft revealed its plans of adding fingerprint scanner during the Microsoft Hardware Engineering Community event. In order to avail this feature, your Windows 10 Mobile would need a fingerprint scanner along with the respective software update.

Thanks to Apple’s phones Biometric authentication has become quite the popular feature. Microsoft has been working on Biometric authentication features with Windows Hello. Though retina scanning and facial recognition sound cool, the practical adaptability of fingerprint scanner is higher.

The exact date of availability of this feature isn’t clear yet.  It is quite safe to say that the new phones that might be launched in the near future might have this feature.


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