Wire Solutions For All Industrial Applications

Wires and cables are used for industrial applications .The high demand of wire is because of the conductivity and resistant power.These wires come in various materials ,casings and sizes to handle different applications.Industrial power and data cables operate in tight spaces and prevents wear and tear.wires are used in appliances and other electrical purposes.A majority of people choose these wires over other wires.For proper functioning of any equipment or even transfer of electricity the important factor is low quality or weak wiring system.The wrong choice of wire can certainly beget disaster .Hence it is necessary to protect the equipment from damage by being resistant to physical or fire damage.Wiring system should be cost-effective and safe both at the same time.So it should be durable enough to withstand temperature changes,moisture ,fumes and chemicals.Wires should be versatile so that they can be upgraded.Wiretron brings you the wires that are under your budget ,safe and efficient.

They manufacture Gold, Au 99.99% wire with the highest tensile strength .This gold bonding wire is a broad performing alloy with mechanical properties compared to leading 2N alloys while retaining the electrical properties of the wires.Gold, Au 99.99% large bonding window,excellent resistance to sway and mold sweep coupled with  robust characteristics.These wires have superior bonding reliability and no drop of pull strength during continuous bonding.

Get pure gold wire at (99.99% pure Au) that is custom spooled .These products have long service life and are highly durable.They can be availed at competitive prices.They have the specialty in custom spooling and cutting-straightening jobs.

Silver is used in various industries due its unique properties.It is the most excellent thermal and electrical conductor of all metals,so it is ideal for electrical applications.Also, it is ductile , which allows it to be drawn into thin,flexible wires.These qualities make sure that silver continues to be the king in various industries.it can easily be malleable which means it can be flattened into sheets easily.

The Silver AG 99.99% wire consists of 99.99% silver ,which is widely used for electro-technical applications because of its highest conductivity and low resistance.It is also available with all insulations and self bonding enamels.Get the best custom plated Silver with 99.99% purity  at affordable prices  here.

Hot wire foam cutters cut different types of foam , from insulation to fabrication,from logos,surfboards and signs to crown moldings and concrete molds. Hot wire foam cutting is usually designed for advertising word making, 3D logos, decor elements. Do give a look to our product.It uses an electrically charged wire which makes substantially less delamination thus making the workspace dust and debris free.A Hot Wire Foam Cutting is an electrical cutting tool used to cut or handle polystyrene foams.It is an innovative technology that utilizes an electrically charged metal wire through different types of foam.The accuracy of the latest hot wire foam cutters gives such a precise cut that hot wire foam cutting is widely used in incredibly diverse fields.Hot wire foam cutting fits your application to the best.The potential hot wire foam cutting is extensively used in many industries on a daily basis.

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