Wool Serge- Premium Quality of Fabrics

Serge is a kind of twill fabric that has ridges on the sides made with two-down and two-up weave. Derived from Latin serica which means “silk”, serge is a fabric which has been classically much-used for suiting and uniforms such as military uniforms and more for centuries. Like other twills, it is made in an even-sided twill and distinctive weave which creates a unique flat diagonal rib pattern in the fabric ranging from the lower left to the top right selvage on right side.

Since the day of serge appearance, it has been observing the ever-growing popularity because of resilient, long durability and extremely sturdy properties. People were certainly using this type of fabric by the 8th century CE but at that time, it was primarily used by the upper classes. Today, manufacturers produce such a fine quality that is affordable by all people. Originally serge was made of silk or wool. But now it is made of wool combined with other fibers or simply with single fiber.

Wool Serge is the best quality used for uniforms and suits. Manufacturers produce it using the finest quality of material that makes it applicable to be used for variety of climates. Available in both light and heavy weight, the wool serge is convenient for extended wear and can be used for wide range of applications. In the current era, wool serge is the most common fabrics for borders, theatrical drapes, skirting and legs. There are different varieties available in the market in various color range such as black, plum, midnight blue, ultra blue, scarlet, emerald, marine, natural, chromakey green and blue, mole, state, cognac and etc.

Colored wool serge is very popular fabric for production and perimeter drapes because of good acoustic properties, strength and long durability. Theatrical Wool Fabrics is ideal for hire drapes, touring shows, perimeter drapes and traditional on-stage masking. Most of the people are looking for wool serge because excellent draping designs simply transform the ambiance of space and improve the theme.

Black wool serge helps to mask all the unsightly elements such as unfortunate ceiling fixture, poorly maintained ceilings and everything as per the requirement in order to make nothing uncovered. Its eternal application uses include at:

  • Music events
  • Event theming
  • Acoustic treatment
  • Venue dressing
  • Conferences
  • Television and photographic studio
  • Venue draping for branded events
  • Photo shoots
  • Product launches
  • Partitioning the areas into room spaces
  • Masking off unattractive areas

Flame Retardant Wool Serge is the most demanding variety of wool serge because of its fire proofing property and acoustic qualities. This type of serge is specifically designed for the stages but can also be used for various commercial applications such as restaurants, care homes, schools, hotels, cinemas, pubs and etc.

There are numbers of companies that are manufacturing and exporting the very best quality. All types of flame retardant fabrics in wool are available with different finishes:

  • FR blankets for firemen
  • Chromakey wool serge
  • Flame proof blankets
  • Super wool serge
  • Colored wool serge
  • Heavy wool serge
  • Wool serge for theatrical drapes

While purchasing a product made from wool serge, it is beneficial to look for the quality because good material lasts for long term use.

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